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Elisa Eve

How You Can Easily Help Me Help Animals ...

I’ve always found a lot of solace around animals. They give me a sense of calm that I really need in my life – one that I was never really able to find in other humans. I have a small building in CT and there’s a feral cat colony outside of it. I learned about Trap and Release programs from the Cat Daddy himself, Jackson Galaxy. A few years ago, I started doing TNR outside the building with the help of a local charity. I covered all of the costs of spaying and neutering out of pocket. Unfortunately, the feral population is so big that even doing a few cats didn’t help much. More and more kittens were being born already. Over time, I got to know a lot of the cats, some were very friendly and could easily be rehabbed and made into great house pets. Others needed to be spayed/neutered and released back. I took classes and learned everything I could about cats. Eventually, the studio was able to TNR on our own, and was able to take in some of the cats and rehab them. A lot of them had serious medical issues, but thankfully, they just needed to see a vet and get medication. Then, last year, after a series of crazy events, I ended up rescuing a group of kittens and the “mom” from the Dominican Republic (more on that in another post coming soon)! All of these expenses add up, but the love, affection, and thankfulness from the cats and the people who interact with them makes it all worth it. After the DR rescue, I had a huge burst of inspiration. It was around this time that I started paperwork to form my own cat and rescue charity! (I am very excited about this and will be writing more about this soon!)

I have help with the TNR and the care of the animals, but the costs can be quite high at times. A large amount of my paycheck goes directly to this and to other charities. My businesses also donate as well. While I do work a “9-5” job as well, I’m considered an “influencer” on some social media channels. In case you didn’t know, influencers can make money based on how many times the links that they share are clicked, how many likes/comments the posts gets, or how many times the promo codes are used (depends on what deal was made).

However, since I am very happy with my regular job and I’m doing this stuff on the side, I want to let you know, I am not keeping money I receive in exchange for postings. The money that comes in through sponsored posts goes into a separate fund and is used to fund donations to local animal charities and animals in need – and now will also go towards my own charity as well!

I’ve been doing this for a few years and I haven’t really spoken about it publicly. I’ve made thousands of dollars in donations without saying a word. These donations have helped save the lives of animals that wouldn’t have had a chance otherwise. I’m not speaking about it now in the hopes of getting recognition. In fact, any of my friends know that I don’t look for attention and I hate even being a public figure at all. (Go figure haha). I’d rather wear a mask like Batman any day!

However, in order to continue being able to help, I really need your help!

Social media algorithms are being built specifically to make sure our engagement rates stay low unless we have a really great interactive following. You can help me and the animals by being more interactive on things that I post!

Pro-tip: Turning on post notifications allows you to be updated every time I post!

I need to significantly increase my engagement with some great people that are going to like and comment on things!

You do not need to buy anything – (although it does help!) – interaction alone helps the posts get boosted on peoples feeds – eventually it will be seen by someone who may actually purchase the product. (And if you do like the product and want to check it out, please use the link provided and/or the promo code! I got you with the discounts!! 😉 ) Please know that I will NEVER endorse or promote a product that I don’t personally like or have tried. I will only promote something that I truly believe in. 

Using the Promo codes or links provided are amazing because they help companies keep track of who refers who and allows them to pay out properly. By doing this you are not only helping me to achieve a goal and a dream of helping animals, but you can know that you are helping animals as well!

So, next steps … 

Make sure we are following each other on Instagram and Facebook and all other social media channels. I post different and more content based on the platform.

Instagram: @elisa_eve 

Facebook: @elisaevexo

Twitter: @elisaevexo

Snapchat: @elisa.eve

Let me know if we are following each other (or if you are following me, and I’m not following back, etc.) or drop your Instagram name below and I’ll add you! I want to make sure to share the love back! Especially, if you are trying to build your following as well. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I appreciate those who will also take the time to support me on my philanthropic journey. It may not be conventional, but I’m also not the most conventional. 🙂

If you don’t like my posts or follow me, that’s totally okay but help me understand why by answering the following questions:

1. Why am I still on your friends list?

2. How can I make the posts better? I work 24/7 and sometimes it’s hard to be creative. I’m open to your ideas or to collaborate!

I’ve been on a personal mission of self love and betterment and I’ve gotten such gratification working on this. I have a lot of great things in store when it comes to charity and I’d love if all of you were along for the ride! 

If you have any questions or ideas for me about posts you would like to see, or suggestions for upcoming posts, blogs, or videos on my other channels, please comment those too.

Oh, and for anyone doubting the validity of my donations, I would be happy to provide you with donation receipts and references. 😉 

I’ll leave you with some before and after photos of a few of the cats I have helped recently – which inspired me to begin the charity I began to talk about above. (I cannot wait to share more about that soon!) 

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